About Us

About Us:

Welcome to Malaiyur.com!

In the heart of our journey lies a commitment to quality, growth, and your satisfaction. What once began as MalaiyurRetail has now transformed into Malaiyur.com, marking a significant milestone in our evolution. As of January 2024, we invite you to explore our digital marketplace, where convenience meets quality.

Our Roots: From Humble Beginnings

Our story unfolds with the Saraswathi Women's Self Help Group, cultivating and crafting handmade products. This tradition remains ingrained in our ethos, and we proudly continue to offer an array of handmade items on Malaiyur.com.

Branching Out: Agricultural Excellence

From local markets in Chennai to achieving national prominence, our journey in agriculture has been one of growth and recognition. As a leading supplier of agricultural and herbal products, we have established a reputation for competitive prices and uncompromising quality.

Blooming Online: Malaiyur.com Launch

In the dawn of January 2024, we ventured into the digital landscape with the launch of Malaiyur.com. Now accessible through our website and app, we aim to redefine your online shopping experience, bringing the bounties of our marketplace to your fingertips.

Diversifying Horizons: Multivendor Marketplace

Our journey doesn't conclude with an online presence. We are branching into new territories by evolving into a multivendor marketplace. This transformative step connects farmers directly with consumers, creating a community dedicated to the principles of quality and authenticity.

Cultivating Customer Satisfaction

At Malaiyur.com, your satisfaction takes precedence. We go beyond merely offering products; we strive to provide a wholesome shopping experience. Our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and personalized service is the bedrock of our customer-centric approach.

Journey Tree Map:

      |— January 2019 - Humble Beginnings
      |   |
      |   |— Handmade Products
      |   |
      |   |— Agricultural Growth
      |   |
      |   |— National Presence
      |— January 2024
      |   |
      |   |— Malaiyur.com Launch
      |   |
      |   |— Multivendor Marketplace
      |— Ever-Growing Customer Satisfaction

Join Us in Cultivating Excellence. Shop with Malaiyur.com.