Men Walkaroo BX1257

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Elevate your stride with Walkaroo Cheppal BX1257! These sandals redefine comfort and style, making every step a pleasure.

1. Memory Foam Insoles: Enjoy cloud-like comfort with memory foam that contours to your feet.

2. Anti-Slip Sole: Stay sure-footed with the slip-resistant sole, perfect for any terrain.

3. Breathable Design: Keep cool and dry with breathable materials, ideal for all-day wear.


1. upportive Comfort: Say goodbye to sore feet with superior arch support.

2.Versatile Style: Transition seamlessly from beach to city in trendy, functional sandals.

3. Long-Lasting Quality: Invest in durable footwear designed to withstand daily wear.

Unique Selling Points:

1. Fashion Meets Function: Stand out with stylish sandals engineered for maximum comfort.

2. Happy Feet Guarantee: Join countless satisfied customers who love the comfort and durability of Walkaroo Cheppal BX1257.

Step into luxury and style today! Order your Walkaroo Cheppal BX1257 sandals now.

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Size : 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Made In : India
Brand : Walkaroo